My story

My crazy absurd new class :D

Long time no post something here.  And I already miss this blog :D. Okey Here, I want to tell you a lil bit about my crazy-absurd new class, that’s the longest name of a class I ever heard, lol :D. But I’m kindly have to say that I’m extremely happy to be the part of martrices family. Ehm, I’ll let you now what matrices is first . So, in my school,  each class usually have their “cool” name, let’s say my neighbour class , eleven social, they also have their “cool” name which is SEXY 😛 (sorry for mentioning the brand :P) . Now for my class, eleven science three, our “cool” name is Matrices. Matrices actually standin’ for the Marvellous  eleven science three excentric. From its meaning you can imagine how awesome our class right ? :p lol. But seriously, I love this class so badly. So, just like the other class we also have a council that’s consist of the class captain, its vice, treasure, secretary and the departments. Let’s start from the class captain. Alright, we have Priambogo here, but we just call him Bogo, Priam, or whatever you want :p #peace ._.v. He is from dolphin house, I don’t know how Come  we can choosed him at that time to be our leader :p. he is a lil bit Alay, and done. Now lets go to the vice, she is girl ( yes of course !), she is a bit crazy . Her first name’s letter is P and the last letter is I , and three letters after P and before I , are UTR. Can you guess who’s her name ? yeah that’s correct. Her name is Tongfang ! she is more alay than our class captain actually, but still both of them are in the same kind of species , A to the L to the A to the Y, ALAY . And next, our  treasurer.  She’s my roomate, she is my housemate, and now she is also my classmate. Oh goodness, how bored to see her everyday. Her name’s Malda, this is the second time she becomes my roomate. And than the last is our secretary. well usually secretary is girl right ? but we have boy in our class. He is Erick. He also my housemate. do you know why did we choose him as our secretary ? because his handwriting is sow good. he has a better handwriting than me even.

well, this is the and of my story :p see ya 🙂


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