My story

Colline #my revenge


To save the light clan, stella, as the princess of light clan willing to risk his life to go to the colline , a place which is believed that  has a  supernatural powers that can kill anyone who dared to come there . Armed with a magic jewel , the gift from royal confidence commander , hilda , stella finally went to the death hole .

” what the hell they said about the place, I’ll never believe . Scary monster , the river that can swallow people  , or trees that can eat people . haha ! whatever happens I have to save my kingdom” said Stella

“Are You sure will go there ? “

Suddenly, that  sound stopped stella , who would dare to belittle me like that ? Stella turned around and look for where the sound source is coming from.

” Are you ? What do you want here ? ” snapped stella to Harsya

” If I said I want to help you, what are you going to believe ? “

” I don’t need to say anything , you’d know the answer “

” Sometimes we have to trust someone at crucial moments like this , even if we hate him “

” You’re crazy ! though I was in a state of death , I will never believe you , darkness clan have for centuries became enemies of my clan . And you ? You are the prince of darkness clan . How can you trigger it like that ? “

“You do not know anything about the problem centuries ago  , you only hear from your  family . aren’t you ?

Stella paused , and thought about Harsya deep . Yeah what he said was true. Stella just heard the story of her family , with no clear evidence he was listening to and believing the word by word which is told by her Father  and other relatives . Every word that they say have managed to grow the seeds of hate that eventually grew as a revenge in her hearts .

” Why are you silent ? is it true what I just said just now ? ” Harsya said

Tore Stella from her imagining when Harsya suddenly talking like that .

” You do not know anything Harsya ! go ! I do not need your help ” snapped stella who then left Harsya .

” Hey wait ! You have not answered my question ”  Harsya is not accpet if he  abandoned by Stella like that , then he immediately pursue stella .

” You do not need to know about all of that , that’s not your problem ” Stella said by putting no comment in Harsya’s petition

” Obviously it’s my problem , O the princess of the clan of light “

Stella turned and glared at Harsya eyes . Once seen her gray eyes shining , the original clan dark eyes . Stella suddenly felt something , like approaching footsteps .

” Someone chasing us,” said stella that makes Harsya immediately turned around , checking something behind .

” No one there ” said Harsya innocently.

” They drew nearer , quickly hide! ” Command Stella , which is then followed by Harsya .

They sought shelter in the woods , and finally hiding behind the bushes that is  high enough to cover their bodies . Soon Stella and Harsya see a bunch of soldiers with bows in their back.

“who are they? ” Harsya said with a slight whisper to Stella

” They are … “

To be continued…


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