My story

Colline #How Could

“They are the soldiers of colline” said Stella

“Are they known about our existence?” Continued Harsya, while still glancing at the people who are spoken.

Stella just shrugged his shoulders, a sign that she does not know. However, in her, Stella is clearly aware that the soldiers would not know about their existence. Of course, all of this thanks to the help of a magical gem giving by Hilda. After a long silence in her mind, Stella aware that there should be something wrong. If the soldiers were not aware of my existence, it is well-earned. Because I hold a magical gem that could make me not look by the soldiers, but what about the …

Stella unfinished Harsya’s  name, she quickly turned his head back, and how shocked she was when found Harsya gone. Without delay Stella ran for Harsya, although Harsya is the prince of darkness clan and  her greatest enemy, but at least there is one thing that make her consider to help Harsya, and herself is the one and only person knows about that, no one else.

As she was trying to find Harsya, Stella suddenly felt something, footsteps approaching, and getting closer. Stella hands already preparing granting the magical gem from Hilda as her gun. Stella took a deep breath, and….

“Hyaaaaaaaaa!” When she want to attack, suddenly intercepted by someone’s  hands .

“What do you want?” Said Harsya while gripping Stella’s hand

“H..H..How could ?”




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