My story

Colline # The Mistery Stone


“What are you gonna do? am i look like a ghost? “intercepted Harsya shock

“ehmm, i think you’ve been …” Stella replied no less surprised

“What du you wanna say?” Said Harsya with suspicious stares Stella who looks nervous

“Ah never mind! do not need to be discussed, it does not really matter anyway “Sella said while releasing the grip Harsya and left. Harsya who  left by her is  feeling confused by the way Stella behave . Stella kept going left Harsya. Harsya may not know about this magical stone.

“Moveeeeeeeee!” Shouts someone directly behind Stella and  pushed her  until she fell.

“ouch !” Stella screamed in pain. How shocked she was when she knew that a dart had just shot and now stuck on a  tree that was right in front of him.

“Quickly hide!” Said Harsya to Stella while pulling her hand. Stella was just following orders and ran with Harsya.

How can someone be attacked? am I not invisible? Or perhaps someone whom they seen is Harsya not me, and it means they are going to attack …

Aware of the existence of dangerous Harsya start, Stella was firmly pull the hand that turned Harsya notice them.

“Ahh, where are you going to pull?” Groaned Harsya at Stella

“shut uo ! just  follow me!” I know where the safe place for hiding  “

They reached a cave that it was already hundreds of years. Despite hundreds of years, the cave still looks strong . Stella go in first, followed by the Harsya still wondering to myself about this cave.

“where it is ?” Said Clark Whitney

“Shortcut to Colline” Stella replied briefly

“How do you know if this is a shortcut to the Colline?”

“It does not concern you, never mind you do not have a lot of questions, just follow me”

In silence they explore the cave, Harsya who do not know the way out of the cave just follow Stella from behind the rest of the cave and watched carefully. While walking Stella suddenly stepped on something. That thing is a piece of stone with writings on the rough surface. Stella stopped and took that stone, to guess the meaning of the sentence but could not.

” isn’t that the lafista letters, letters used by the nation Colline immemorial” said Harsya that suddenly appeared in front of watching Stella’s object in her hand.

“You know what the meaning of this writting ?” Said Stella with a face full of hope.

“My mother ever taught me when I was a kid, let me try” Harsya move the stone switch to his hands, the stone noticed closely and try to guess the intent of that writting.

“Chips … books ….. fast, Fragments in a book that fast “said Harsya finally, illustrates the seriousness of his face mixed with curiosity. The same expression that showed by Stella when she heard it.



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