My story

Colline # that was a Snake ?


” What’s the point ? ” Asked Stella to Harsya . Who were asked just shrugged .
” Ah it’s kind of useless to tell me about that even  you do not really know what the meaning of its ” Stella walked Harsya exasperation .
” Hey , wait ! ” Harsya chasing Stella ” You’ll see that the stone would have been useful for you “challenged Harsya
” Keeps you kidding me , I don’t want again to  listen to you anymore ! “
A moment of silence . Harsya and Stella busy thinking about what they are thinking respectively . Both Harsya nor Stella start a conversation , until finally Stella began to feel something again . she stopped and closed her eyes , feeling something what was to follow them .
” We followed again ” said Stella who makes Harsya’s pace stopped .
” Who is following us ? “
” This time not a human being , a great snake . Run fast ! ” Stella screamed as she felt the snake just behind them. both immediately ran towards the exit of the cave .
Stella suddenly fell right in front of the monster . harsya the one who realize it immediately tried to help Stella .
” It felt ! ” like it or not Hasrya sacrifice the mysterious stones to throw at the head of the snake .
The snake was , immediately is seeing  Harsya  angryly , and ready to kill Harsya through its poison .
” Harsya watch out ! ” Stella cried hysterically

to be continued…


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