Leiden , the city of knowledge

Education matters – Leiden, the city of Knowledge

Leiden is truly a city of knowledge with thanks to its many knowledge institutions such as the Bio Science Park, the aerospace cluster, University of Leiden and other educational institutions. The city of Leiden is currently engaged in improving this ‘city of knowledge’.

Part of this is done by focusing on the topic ‘international education’, which can be defined as primary as well as secondary education taught in English but also the opportunity of expanding ones curriculum with languages such as Chinese, and not to forget becoming acquainted with foreign cultures.

First step in this process is measuring whether there is a need for more ‘international education’ within Leiden, and if so, how we can best meet the needs of our city. The Social and Economic Policy department of the municipality of Leiden is currently engaged in mapping out the needs of our city for ‘international education’, and as valued citizens of our city, we would like to ask you for your experiences and opinions on this matter, which you can share with us by answering two short questions. Please feel free to share this within your network.

source : http://www.expatcentreleiden.nl/news/news_item/t/education_matters_ndash_leiden_the_city_of_knowledge


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