YES AMERICA #nyanyiantanahair

AFS Charlotte’s 1st Gathering


How are ya?? 😀 

Yesterday was one of my great day in America. I was attending my first gathering with other exchange students in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was a lot of fun. I met some students from Japan, Kuwait, Italy, France, Russia, and so on. We were asked to bring our traditional food from our own country. So, I decided to cook Pisang Goreng because I thought that it was the simplest one. But anyway, I cooked it a lil bit different. I cut the banana into a small part before I fry it. 

After we tried some of the foods, we were having a short conversation about our own culture, I love to know the culture which is different from what I used to. The view was also great, because the place where we have our gathering was located near to the lake so I dont wanna waste this opportunity to take some pictures 😀

We were introduced about the history of AFS. I was proactive in asking and answering some of the question during the gathering. And I’m so excited for the next gathering!! 


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