YES AMERICA #nyanyiantanahair

Shopping in USA!!

Well, shopping is something that is so important in our life. Here, m talking about shopping not in the term of “girl’s shopping” but in the term of “exchange student’s shopping”.

Anyway, since I’ve been in USA for 1 month, I’ve been went to some of a good stores in here. Lucky me, that my host mom like to go shopping every weekend and knows which store that exactly fit with my pocket as an exchange student lol but, I mean like trust me, instead of buying a branded clothes with a sophisticated price, I choose to buy a clothes with the same brand but “different” price 😀

If u r willing to be an exchange student or studying or living in USA, here is some suggestion of the store u can visit or buying something :


1. Goodwill: This store sells second-hand stuffs including the electronic one. You can also find some branded clothes like american jeans, Hollister, or Aeropostale.


2. Walmart: This store sells daily-stuffs like fruit, food, snack and some school stuff with a good price.


3. Michaels: This store sells many things for ur house, the accessories, and also the stuffs. Every changing of the season, they will change the stuff they sells, if now is fall so they will sell the fall stuff. It’s good to bring home the stuffs since we’ll not find it in our country tho.


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