YES AMERICA #nyanyiantanahair


Camera 360

Halooooo!! writing live from Nation Ford high school. So, today is the nerd day alias Hari Kutu Buku. We dress up like a nerd and every student is just so funny with every single thing they use. Lucky me, I got this such a great opportunity to experience this once-in-a-life-time stuff.

I also did my presentations about my country today in my theatre class. It was so awesome. I never expect that my friends will love stuff I explain to them. I bring some of Indonesian stuff that they wear for the wedding, it’s from Palembang and we call it Tanjak. I make them try this thing and they are so interested to know more about that. I also bring veil for them to try. So they will now questioning why I use that over my head.

Today was just awesome, this is why i like to be an exchange student. So, I can share to the world the thing that they never know even heard before.


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