YES AMERICA #nyanyiantanahair


Volunteering? What’s in your mind when we are talking about the word volunteering? Maybe helping or community or service. But, how about school assignment? or something that you need to accomplish. This kind of thing happening to me right now. Everything is about volunteering. My school assignment, my exchange program, but don’t think bad about this, because first of all I’ll explain to you how my first volunteering and service going.

Due to my exchange program, I am required to have at least 20 hours of volunteering. It’s not much at all though, but if you delay it again and again, one day it’ll be something that won’t make you exchange year “nice” to you. That’s why I need to start it from now. Besides, one of my class which is high school 101 also gave us a project of volunteering as our final project for this semester. Lucky me, that my host dad brought me to his life group that do a volunteering and so, we went and did a volunteering as a family. We made sandwiches( a lot of sandwiches actually) and give ’em to the homeless. It was fun though, and it’s not bored at all. You can also meet other people and socialize there. And for me I can also count it as my volunteering project 😀 here are some pictures taken during my volunteering:  CYMERA_20141212_200226[1] CYMERA_20141212_201152[1] CYMERA_20141212_200158[1] CYMERA_20141212_200135[1] CYMERA_20141212_182131[1]


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