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Last Day of School

Today is the last day of school before our winter break, but I’m kinda sad because I’ll not meet my friends till next year. Oh god I love my friends like so bad.

In lunch we have thing called “Secret Santa”. So it’s really famous in america that teenagers will do like a exchange gift with their buddies. My friends and I have planned this since last week. This is how we do our secret santa thing: First of all, we put all of our names on papers and we scroll it and we put it in a glass. Each of us takes one paper and we’ll see whose name that we got. The next step is, we write the stuff that we want a  gift. It can be things, food, or drink. Since we have done those steps last week, so this week we have time to buy the gift.  Today is the time to give and get the gift. And guess what? Surprise!! I get the nail polish and stuff from my friend Anna!! It’s perfect! It’s definitely what I want 😀 

CYMERA_20141217_115334[1] CYMERA_20141217_115912[1] CYMERA_20141217_120431[1] CYMERA_20141217_120455[1] CYMERA_20141217_121050[1]


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