Keep Smiling!! It’s contagious and Sunnah :)

smile_is_charity_by_nayzak-d384s4b-copyThis is one of the case in our life that we most likely face every day, even every second. The friend of mine told me the problem that she is facing right now which I’m sure we do face it in our daily life.

My name is Sisca, and I’m the only daughter in my family and I’m adopted. I have two brothers. My dad is working in one of a private company and my mom is a housewife. Dinner is one of a quality time in my family, the time where we share what’s going on in our day. Sometimes when everybody has a good day, dinner could be the most precious part of my day, however not every day is fun and not everyone sometimes has a good day, but among five of us, my dad is the moodiest person I feel like I’ve ever seen ever. When he has a bad day, everyone will be blamed by him. Recently, I find one way to make dinner still be a priceless moment even when everyone has a bad day, it’s smiling, laughing, and make your day sounds fun even though it’s not. There was one day when my dad has a bad day, and I’m trying to make my day sounds fun and it makes everybody laughed. I realized that I’m the one that should make my day up to the most, even a small thing like smiling could make the rest of you day priceless. In Islam, The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Charity is prescribed for each descendant of Adam every day the sun rises.” He was then asked: “From what do we give charity every day?” The Prophet answered: “The doors of goodness are many…enjoining good, forbidding evil, removing harm from the road, listening to the deaf, leading the blind, guiding one to the object of his need, hurrying with the strength of one’s legs to one in sorrow who is asking for help, and supporting the feeble with the strength of one’s arms–all of these are charity prescribed for you.” He also said: “Your smile for your brother is charity.” – Fiqh-us-Sunnah, Volume 3, Number 98.

So, let’s smile everyone!! 😀


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