YES AMERICA #nyanyiantanahair

My journey is started right here!

People, this year has changed my life and what kind of person I wanna be in the future. Just so you know, since I was in a middle school I’ve been saying that I want to be an ambassador of Indonesia. As a young teenanger I thought that it’s really fun that you could meet a lot of important people and be the representative of your country.

Two years ago, some sources told me there is an exchange student program for a high school student and guess what, it made me so excited because I thought it could help me reaching my dream. Four, fourteen, forty, four hundred, even thousands of other students heard about this news too, well I’ve thought about that, and I knew It’s not gonna be easy. So I thought about a miracle, you know something unexpected might come to you. I might not be that kinda person who could possibly win the nobel prize, or win a trip to go to Europe, or marry the prince of England, but I could possibly be an exchange student and go to America! After convincing myself that I can do it, and convincing my parents to give a permission to their first (beloved) daughter to register herself be an exchange student, the journey had officially started. By saying Bismillah, I wrote down my name on the piece of paper on the wall announcement along with the other name of the other students. I went through all the names, and found some names that I thought; Hey! this is gonna be hard! I thought I might wanna step back. I thought I’d better be a normal high school student. I thought; well let’s try it! So I changed my decision to erase my name from the paper.

The first meeting of this exchange program hold in 11 science 2 class, led by Kak Sun and Kak Yongki, the candidate of the program from that year. Every single thing they mentioned sounded hard to me, I kept asking myself if I really wanna do it. At this point, I thought I wanna throw up. I asked them what is the first selection will be like, and they answered it. I remember they said something like “who won the OSCAR award in 2008?” or “Who was the secretary of United nation?” that kind of questions made me think that I’d better start to study from now. One thing that you need to know friend, when you are at the point where you think you can’t do it, you’d better keep trying because guess what! It works! So, that was the starting point of my journey. Well, before you expect a long story of my selection, I want you to forgive me, but I think I might wanna skip the selections that I went through because that would make me do oh-my-god-I-miss-this-moment-can-I-just-cry-? attitude. So, let’s jump up! Long story short, I passed the selection! Yay! but this is not the end of a busy-document-thing. It just started! Together with my other three friends that also passed the selection, we start to do everything required for our departure. Passport, immunization, visa, not to mention, clothing, winter coat, and many other things we need to have before the day of our departure, from that point, fantastic 4th were born!

to be continued…


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