My story

Guess what? It’s about you!

TGIF!!! I’m so excited to go to camp and rafting today. We’re going to a small town in North Carolina and we’ll go rafting on one of the oldest river in the world, I wonder how they know if that’s an old river? I’ve been up since 6.30 and waiting for the one that will give me ride to Bob’s house (aka our coordinator for this rafting activity). She said that she’ll pick me up in the morning, and I don’t wanna be late cuz American are so on time. So I had my breakfast and brought down everything that I’m going to bring for the rafting. And then, when my mom saw my stuff she said I have too much so I’ve to repack, shoot!! From one suitcase and one backpack, now I only have one backpack. Yay for me! Long story short, at this time she hasn’t pick me up yet, so I decided to write post on my blog, and I think my idea of my post today will be about my best friend Ivon.

We’ve known each other since we were in the middle school, but just became best friend since we are in the high school. people said that we look alike, but we always deny it. Of course, definitely,and obviously, I’m more beautiful than her LOL she’s gonna pinch me when she read this post, peace -_-v We’re really from a different type of person, literally different I mean I’m a tough girl she’s not, she’s able to cry for one full night, y’all don’t believe me? try! She is girly and I’m not, I mean she likes pink, no! she loves pink! I don’t understand why do people like pink? (asking to myself)  and one more significant different from both of us is she is so sassy, like you know that kind of girl boys afraid of LOL I hope she never read this, well if she does… then I’m gonna pretend that somebody hacked my blog, is that even possible tho? forget it!

You might think why  in the world  I wanna be her friend? the answer is because she is that kinda friend you can trust on and share anything with without worrying if your secret is gonna be safe or not. She is the girl next to door when you need her, she is so tender-hearted, and she’s beautiful inside and out. If it’s not her then I might not probably be who I am now, before I knew it, she already changed me and became my inspiration. I love her so much I can’t even tell. And just so you know, I’m really proud of her. Less that a month from now, she’s gonna be graduating from high school and entering one of the most precious university in my country Indonesia, in a major that she has been dreaming since a while ago. Isn’t that amazing? well I have to be more than her next year, I’m gonna beat you! Wait for me stranger! Love you before anyone else!!


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