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I’m Home safely and sound

it’s been about 6 months since I came back fro US and I really have a lot of story to tell. School has been started since August and  I was so excited to meet all my juniors  that soon will be my intake-mate.  Well, you all have to know that there will  be  no place better than home, though US provided me everything like exactly what I saw on movie or at least what  I heard from the returnees, but living in Indonesia in a small home with my family has always been great for me, I got all I need!! First thing I did when I was home was ( can anyone guess??) Yeah eating pempek!! after not eating pempek in a time that feels like forever, I finally could try this heavenly food again, yumms!!

Let’s move to my very first day at school, it was a warm welcome by all the students an teachers that my other friends and I got a chance to present our experience when we were in US. It continues by some great moment that happened respectively till all those nice moments just distinct and gone and disappear. Sounds so pity huh? Yeah I have to face my mid term semester test that will require a hard-tough-work from me and will absolutely take away all my energy LOL that was way too much drama haha. I successfully passed the test with an awesome result. That was a nice effort.

to be continued…





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