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After one hectic year in high school, tryin’ to adjust with my junior and all the new rules and regulations like what the heck is my high school just transformed to be?!! So many not-to-do lists and I was like I’m done with all of this. Well screw it! I’m so proud to say that I’m one of ITB student now! Yeay! It was not an easy way to get into this universities yet I enjoy all the rides. So how ya all doin’ ?

I haven’t get this much time to write in my blog, but thanks god never done a mistake!! I’m taking a business management major here, Idk what drives me here but I have a feeling I’m gonna find my true love in this university LOLS πŸ˜€ well I don’t care what you guys gonna think about this, I don’t even think if there is someone read this blog like seriously so if you read this blog especially this article just live a sign πŸ˜‰





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