My Education

Talking ‘bout education, that’s one of the most important things i have in my life. I was not born to be a smart person nor especially gifted. I was born to be a someone who is so very curious with something i haven’t known yet. That lead me to be one of the students in the these following school.

I was graduated from SDN 101 Palembang, it is located on Tangga Takat Plaju, Palembang. This school now on have been being a very good school compared with the era when i was becoming its student, that’s so different.

Next, i go to SMPN 16 Palembang, it is located on Yaktapena street Palembang. I was so proud with myself, coz i was becoming the president of student council.

And now , i’m one of scholar in Sman Sumatera Selatan. One o the best school in South Sumatera. I was in the ten two class, and now i’m one of eleven science three class member. I’m also one of Komodo house members. I join english club in my school, especially in speech division. I really enjoying my life as a dormitory student here. This year (2014), I am in my exchange program called YES (Youth Exchange and Study)  that brings me to United States of America. I’m hosted in Fort Mill, SC and now I’m studying in Nation Ford High School as a Junior. 

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